Elections In India

Indian Elections involves District Level, State Level, and Country Level voting system to elect the leader by the citizen on India. Elections in India involving full fledge publicity by the concern parties and a phase’s wise polling by tremendous crowd of people. To maintain the whole event peacefully, Election Commission deploy the police and security forces. Types of Elections in India is Lok Sabha Election, Rajya Sabha Elections, State Assembly Elections, Local Body Elections, Presidential & Vice-Presidential Elections.

Out of all Types of Elections, most important election is Lok Sabha Elections. Through the lok sabha elections Indian citizens elect central government for 5 Years. There are total 543 Seats in lok sabha right now. All Lok Sabha seats based on defined constituency in India. Many numbers of parties involves into the election process as per their location capacity. Many Small parties’ joins the big national party to get more & more majority for create government. The Party who win more than 50% seats will be liable to create the government for next 5 years.

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