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Chief Minister :
Laxmikant Parsekar
Political Party :
Asseumed office :
8th November 2014
Assembly Constituencies :
Parlimentary Constituencies :
Ruling Party :
Opposition Party :
Leader of the House :
Laxmikant Parsekar, BJP
Governor :
Mridula Sinha
Chief Electoral Officer :
N.S Navti

2017 Assembly Election date for Goa has been declared by Election commission. And, counting of votes will take place on 11th Mar 2017.
As Election date is coming close, Survey and Predictions are releasing by many authorities. Many pollsters has been already declared their Opinion Polls regarding Goa Assembly Election. In Study of whole conclusion, BJP is the party who emerging as major party. But, its also fact that Debut party AAP is giving tough fight to BJP & Congress.
Major Opinion Poll's output has mentioned below:

VDPAssociates Opinion Poll on Goa Election 2017

Date:08thJan 2017

As per VDPAssociates Opinion Poll, BJP is the party who is going to take majority and will form government again in Goa.Out of 40 seats, BJP will acquire 20 seats with 38% vote sharing. Runner Up Party Congress is winning on 11 Assembly seats with 29% vote sharing. Debut Party AAP is successful to take over only 3 assembly seats including 9% vote shares. Others including of Independent Candidates are winning 6 Assembly Seats with 24% Vote Sharing.

PartySeatsVote Sharing

VDPAssociates Opinion Poll: Popular Leaders of Goa

VDPAssociates also did a survey on popular leaders of Goa and as per survey, Manohar Parrikar is the Best Choice of the people. Behind him, BJP Laxmikant Parsekar is the second choice of the people. AAP CM Candidate Elvis Gomes is the choice of only 9% people in Goa.

Leaders NamePopularity
Manohar Parrikar31%
Laxmikant Parsekar17%
Elvis Gomes9%
Pratap Singh Rane8%
Vijay Sardesai7%
Sudhin Dhavalikar7%
Luizinho Faleiro6%
Digambar Kamat4%
Subhash Velingkar1%

India Today-Axis Opinion Poll on Goa

Date:05thJan 2017

Survey conducted in Goa at the end of December 2016, it was found that the BJP could win 20-24 while the Congress may bag 13-15 seats.

PartySeat Share
BJP 20-24
Congress 13-15

Goa Opinion Poll by Indiatrendingnow

Goa vidhan Sabha elections are due early next year and all the major political party have already begun their preparations get victory in state. Indiatrendingnow conducted a survey among 200 respondents to get an estimate of the voters' mood. The survey was conducted on Oct 15 to 25 Oct 2016 in 40 vidhan sabah seats of the state. According to the survey results, the BJP is again going to make government with 43% vote share, INC and AAP may secured 16% and 27% vote share.

PartyVote Projection
Can't Say8%

Goa Assembly Elections 2017 Opinion Poll by India Today Group

Date: 14th Oct 2016
As per latest opinion poll conducted by India Today, BJP may secure 17-21 with 38% vote share, Congress may secure 13-17 seats with 34% vote share.
Party NameSeatsVote Sharing

Goa Assembly Elections 2017 - BJP's Prediction

BJP’s national president Amit Shah Saturday said that Goa election results will lay the foundation for victory of the party in 2019 parliamentary elections. He has also said that his party would rule in Goa by winning 27 seats in the upcoming Goa assembly elections.

Goa Pre Poll Survey 2017 by Prudent Media

Prudent Media predicts BJP will win 17-18 seats, MGP 3-4,Congress 12-13, AAP 4-5 and Others 1-2.

Goa Election 2017 Opinion Poll by Kautilya

Kautilya predicts AAP will win 14 seats, BJP 11, Congress 7, MGP 6 and Independents 2.

Goa Election 2017 Opinion Poll by VDPAssociates

[Date: 3 July 2016]
Seat forecast in 2016Seat in 2012
Party NameSeatsVotes%SeatsVotes%

Party Wise Goa Assembly Election 2012 Results

Party Name Seats
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 21
Goa Vikas Party (GVP) 2
Independent (IND) 5
Indian National Congress (INC) 9
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG) 3
Total 40

News (28 June 2017) : AAP's Predictions on Goa Election 2017
Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal has expressed confidence that the party will win 35 out of the total 40 seats in the upcoming Goa Assembly elections. AAP is going to contest first time in Goa.

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