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Chief Minister :
Okram Ibobi Singh
Political Party :
Asseumed office :
2nd March 2002
Assembly Constituencies :
Parlimentary Constituencies :
Ruling Party :
Opposition Party :
Trinamool Congress
Leader of the House :
Okram Ibobi Singh
Governor :
Shri V. Shanmuganathan
Chief Electoral Officer :
Oinam Nabakishore Singh

List of Polling Stations in Andro Constituency

Table showing the Andro's polling stations along with Polling station Number, Name and Location.
PS No. Polling Station Name Polling Station Location
7/1 Andro (A) Loupeichum Lower Primary School
7/2 Andro (B) Andro Machengpat Lower Primary School
7/3 Andro (C) Andro Junior High School
7/4 Andro (D) Andro Mahengdong Primary School
7/5 Andro (E) Andro Awang Leikai Lower Primary School
7/6 Andro (F) Kharam Leikai Community Hall
7/7 Andro (G) Andro Kharam Leikai Community Hall
7/8 Andro (H) Andro Community Hall
7/9 Andro (I) Andro Gramshang Primary School
7/10 Andro (J) Andro Sanapat Lower Primary School
7/11 Huikap (A) Huikap Junior High School (S/W)
7/12 Huikap (A-1) Huikap Junior High School (N/W)
7/13 Huikap Huikap Junior High School (R/W)
7/14 Angtha (A) Ramananda Junior High School (E/W)
7/15 Angtha (B) Ramananda Junior High School (W/W)
7/16 Angtha (B-1) Angtha Panchayat Ghar
7/17 Poirou Khongjin (A) Poirei Khongjil Lower Primary School
7/18 Poirou Khongjin (B) Angtha Khunou Lower Primary School
7/19 Poiroukhongjin (C) Poirou Khongjin Girls Lower Primary School
7/20 Tulihal (A) Madrasa Islamia Madina
7/21 Tulihal (B) Tulihal Mayai Leikai Lower Primary Madrasa
7/22 Tulihal (C) Tulihal Lower Primary School (R/W)
7/23 Tulihal (D) Tulihal Lower Primary School (L/W)
7/24 Top Chingtha (A) Laimanai Thongkhong Tampak Primary School
7/25 Top Chingtha (A-1) Secret Heart English School
7/26 Top Chingtha (B) Complain Room Electricity Dept.
7/27 Top Chingtha (C) Top Chingtha Khunou Lower Primary School
7/28 Top Chingtha (C-1) Top Chingtha Youth Progressive Organisation
7/29 Yambem (A) Madrasa Asarphiya Hasenia Yambem Khunou
7/30 Yambem (A-1) Chingya Public Club of Ningthounai
7/31 Yambem (B) Ningthoumanai Primary School
7/32 Yambem (C) Yambem Primary School (N/W)
7/33 Yambem (D) Yambem Primary School (S/W)
7/34 Changamdabi (A) Changamdabi Keipharok L.P. School
7/35 Changamdabi (B) Panchayat Ghar
7/36 Changamdabi (C) Changamdabi Kangla Ukok Lower Primary School
7/37 Changamdabi (C-1) Kangla Ukok Memorial English School
7/38 Changamdabi (D) Nungaipokpi Lower Primary School
7/39 Nungbrang Nungbrang Lower Primary School
7/40 Keithelmanbi Nongpok Keithelmanbi Primary School
7/41 Moirangpurel(A) Moirangpurel Lower Primary School (N/W)
7/42 Tumukhong Tumukhong Lower Primary School
7/43 Moirangpurel(B) Moirangpurel Lower Primary School (S/W)
7/44 Itham Itham Lower Primary School
Data Source: http://erms.man.nic.in/ListOfPollingStations.aspx