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Chief Minister :
Okram Ibobi Singh
Political Party :
Asseumed office :
2nd March 2002
Assembly Constituencies :
Parlimentary Constituencies :
Ruling Party :
Opposition Party :
Trinamool Congress
Leader of the House :
Okram Ibobi Singh
Governor :
Shri V. Shanmuganathan
Chief Electoral Officer :
Oinam Nabakishore Singh

List of Polling Stations in Saikot Constituency

Table showing the Saikot's polling stations along with Polling station Number, Name and Location.
PS No. Polling Station Name Polling Station Location
59/1 Leisang Leisang U.J.B School
59/2 Saikul Saikhul Mission J.B School
59/3 Tollen Tollen J.M. English School
59/4 Khenjang Khenjang L.P. School
59/5 Koite Kumbipukhri Jr. High School
59/6 Kholmun Kholmun J.B. School
59/7 M. Songgel M. Songgel Community Hall
59/8 Molnom Molnom G.M. High School
59/9 S. Haijang S. Haijang Community Hall
59/10 Bethel Happy Heart School Bethel (N/W)
59/11 N. Boljang Happy Heart School Bethel (S/W)
59/12 Teiseng Teiseng L.P School
59/13 D. Vaison D. Vaison Community Hall
59/14 Saidan (1) Saidan L.P School (N/W)
59/15 Saidan (2) Community Hall
59/16 Tuithapi Tuithapi J.B. School
59/17 Siden Changpikot Siden Changpikot Jr. High School
59/18 Saiton Khullen Saiton Khullen L.P School
59/19 Moirang Mantak Moirang Manthak J. B School
59/20 Dopkon Dopkon JB School
59/21 Haotak Khullen Haotak Khullen Community Hall
59/22 Sagang Sagang Jr. High School
59/23 Lalumbung Lalumbung L.P School
59/24 Tuiring Phaisen Tuiring Phaisen J.B School
59/25 Dampi Dampi J.B School
59/26 Samulamlan Samulamlan MGNERGS Hall
59/27 Saikot (A) Saikot (A) High School (N/W)
59/28 Saikot (B) Saikot High School (S/W)
59/29 Saikot (C) Saikot High School (N/W)
59/30 Mualvaiphei Mualvaiphei Mission School (N/W)
59/31 Muolvaiphei Mualvaiphei Mission School (S/W)
59/32 Tangnuam Tangnuam L.P School
59/33 Gangpimual (1) Covenant School
59/34 Gangpimual (2) Community Hall
59/35 Bijang Bijang Community Hall
59/36 B. Vengnuam B. Vengnuam Community Hall
59/37 B. Aijalon Jr. High School
59/38 Tuibuang (N.W) Tuibuang Jr. High School (N/W)
59/39 Tuibuong HQ-1 Grace Academy
59/40 Tuibuang (S.W. II) Soikholal Ideal School, Tuibuong (N/W)
59/41 Tuibuang (S.W. III) Soikholal Ideal School, Tuibuong (S/W)
59/42 Tuibuang HQ-2 Tuibuong Community Hall
59/43 Tuibuang HQ-3 Tuibuong MGNREGS Hall
59/44 Sielmat (A) Seilmat High School (N/W)
59/45 Sielmat (B) Seilmat High School (S/W)
59/46 Hmar Veng Hmar Veng, Community Hall
59/47 Hmar Veng(B) Seilmat Higher Secondary School (S/W)
59/48 Chingkham Model Chinkham Model School
59/49 Lhangjol Lhangjol J.B School
59/50 Phailen Jamdal Memorial High School
59/51 Phailen(A) Don Bosco School (N/W)
59/52 Phailen(B) Don Bosco School (S/W)
59/53 Mata Lambulane Mata Lambulane L.P School
59/54 Tuining Tuining Jr. High School (E/W)
59/55 Tuining Tuining Jr. High School (W/W)
59/56 Makhau Tampak Makhau Tampak L.P School
59/57 G. Songgel G. Songgel L.P School
59/58 Khopuibung Khopuibung Jr. High School
59/59 Ngurte Ngurte Mission School
59/60 Saipum Saipum L.P School
59/61 Lhahvom Misao Lhahvom J.B School
59/62 Ngoiphai Ngoiphai J.B School
Data Source: http://erms.man.nic.in/ListOfPollingStations.aspx