Polling Stations in Thanlon

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Chief Minister :
Okram Ibobi Singh
Political Party :
Asseumed office :
2nd March 2002
Assembly Constituencies :
Parlimentary Constituencies :
Ruling Party :
Opposition Party :
Trinamool Congress
Leader of the House :
Okram Ibobi Singh
Governor :
Shri V. Shanmuganathan
Chief Electoral Officer :
Oinam Nabakishore Singh

List of Polling Stations in Thanlon Constituency

Table showing the Thanlon's polling stations along with Polling station Number, Name and Location.
PS No. Polling Station Name Polling Station Location
56/1 Phaikholum (J) Phaikholum (J) Govt. J.B.School
56/2 Phaijang Phaijang Govt. High School
56/3 Savaipaih Bualmual J.B. School
56/4 Songsang Songsang Mission School
56/5 Dailon Dailon Govt. J.B.School
56/6 Milongmun Milongmun Govt. J.B.School
56/7 Leijangphai Leijangphai Govt. Jr. High School
56/8 Maite Maite Mission M.E School
56/9 Phaipheng Phaipheng Mission M.E School
56/10 Muakui Mualkui Govt. J.B. School
56/11 Phailianbung Phailianbung Mission School
56/12 Kaihlam Kaihlam Govt. Aided Jr. High School
56/13 Pamjal Pamjal J.B. School
56/14 Sainoujang Sainoujang Community Hall
56/15 Suangpehmun Suangpehmun Govt. J.B. School
56/16 Tinsuong Tinsuong Mission M.E School
56/17 Damdie Damdiei J.B. School
56/18 Pherzawl Pherzawl Govt. High School (N/W)
56/19 Tallan Tallan Govt. J.B. School
56/20 Loibual Loibual J.B. School
56/21 Thanlon (A) St. Javiers School
56/22 Thanlon (B) Convertion English High School
56/23 Joutung Joutung Govt. J.B. School
56/24 Dialkhai Dailkhai Govt. Jr. High School
56/25 Mualnuam Tualkhonao Govt. High School
56/26 Songtal Songtal Govt. High School
56/27 Sumtuk Sumtak Govt. J.B. School
56/28 Palkhuang Palkhuang Govt. Aided J.B. School
56/29 Bukpi (1) Bukpi Govt. High School
56/30 Bukpi (2) Bukpi Community Hall
56/31 Hanship Hanship Govt. High School
56/32 Leisen Leisen Mission M.E School
56/33 Bungpilon Bungpilon Govt. High School
56/34 Aibulon Aibulon Govt. Jr. High School
56/35 Khajang Khajang J.B. School
56/36 Phaitong Phaitong JB School
56/37 Sinjol Sinjol Govt. Jr. High School
56/38 Khuanggin Khuanggin Govt. J.B. School
Data Source: http://erms.man.nic.in/ListOfPollingStations.aspx