Polling Stations in Tipaimukh

List of Polling Stations in Tipaimukh Constituency

Table showing the Tipaimukh's polling stations along with Polling station Number, Name and Location.
PS No. Polling Station Name Polling Station Location
55/1 Chingmun Chingmun L.P School
55/2 Doltang Doltang L.P School
55/3 Hengchungpunji Bengali J.B. School
55/4 Suangphumun Suangphumun L.P. School
55/5 Tuisen Tuisen I.C.I. School
55/6 Nungsekpunji Community Hall
55/7 Buangmun Buangmun Govt. Jr. High School
55/8 Phaibok Munlien Phaibok Hmunlien Jr. High School
55/9 Sibapurikhal Sibapurikhal Jr. High School
55/10 Khangbor ICI Mission School
55/11 Upper Kharkhuplein I.C.I. School
55/12 Tieulien P.M.S. J.B. School
55/13 Thingpuikuol Thingpuikuol Jr. High School
55/14 Kangrengdhor Kangrengdhor J.B. School
55/15 Kangreng Kangreng Jr. High School
55/16 Hmar Maulien Mission English School
55/17 Tuobung Middle English School
55/18 Ngampabung Ngampabung J.B School
55/19 Phulpui Phulpui L.P. School
55/20 Patpuihmun Patpuihmun Jr. High School
55/21 Taithul Taithul Jr. High School
55/22 Sartuinek Sartuinek L.P School
55/23 Parbung (A) Parbung High School (N/W)
55/24 Parbung (A) Parbung High School (S/W)
55/25 Parbung (B) Parbung Govt. High School (W/W)
55/26 Lungthulien(A) Lungthulein Jr. High School(R/W)
55/27 Lungthulien(B) Lungthulein Jr. High School(L/W)
55/28 Sipuikon Sipuikon Govt. J.B. School
55/29 Rovakot Rovakot Govt. J.B. School
55/30 Senvon (A) Senvon Govt. High School (E/W)
55/31 Senvon (C) Senvon Govt. High School (W/W)
55/32 Senvon (B) Senvon Govt. High School (W/W)
55/33 Parvachom Parvachom Govt. J.B.School
Data Source: http://erms.man.nic.in/ListOfPollingStations.aspx