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Chief Minister :
Okram Ibobi Singh
Political Party :
Asseumed office :
2nd March 2002
Assembly Constituencies :
Parlimentary Constituencies :
Ruling Party :
Opposition Party :
Trinamool Congress
Leader of the House :
Okram Ibobi Singh
Governor :
Shri V. Shanmuganathan
Chief Electoral Officer :
Oinam Nabakishore Singh

List of Polling Stations in Ukhrul Constituency

Table showing the Ukhrul's polling stations along with Polling station Number, Name and Location.
PS No. Polling Station Name Polling Station Location
44/1 Leisan Leisan Govt. Jr. H. School
44/2 Sanakeithel (A) Sanakeithel Govt. High School(N/W)
44/3 Sanakeithel (B) Sanakeithel Govt. High School(S/W)
44/4 Mollen Kamsei Mollen Kamsei Primary School
44/5 Mullam Mullam Govt. Aided Primary School
44/6 Molnom Molnom Primary School
44/7 Zelengbung Zelengbung Primary School
44/8 New Canaan New Canan Primary School
44/9 Muirei Muirei Primary School
44/10 Mongkot Chephu Mongkot Chepu Govt. High School
44/11 Litan Sareikhong Litan Sareikhong Primary School
44/12 Shangkai Shangkai Primary School
44/13 T.M. Kasom T.M. Kasom Primary School
44/14 Yaolen Yaolen Primary School
44/15 Tushen(A) Tushen Govt. Jr. High School (N/W)
44/16 Tushen(B) Tushen Govt. Jr. High School (S/W)
44/17 Tushen Chahong Tushen Chahong Primary School
44/18 Lambui Lambui Govt. Jr. High School
44/19 Shokvao Worrintang Shokvao Primary School
44/20 Shangshak (A) Shangshak Govt. High School (N/W)
44/21 Shangshak (B) Shangshak Govt. High School (S/W)
44/22 Lungshang Lungshang Primary School
44/23 Shangzing Shangzing Primary School
44/24 Seikhor Seikhor Govt. Jr.High School
44/25 Pharung Shimtang Pharung Shimtang Primary School
44/26 Lamlang Lamlang Happyland Primary School
44/27 Nungou Nungou Primary School
44/28 Hundung Dungrei (A) Hungpung Dungrei Aided J/B School (N/W)
44/29 Hundung Dongrei (B) Hungpung Dungrei Aided J/B School (S/W)
44/30 Hundung Dongrei B Hamleikhong Community Hall
44/31 Hundung Kaziphung (C-I) Hungpung Kaziphung Govt. High School (N/W)
44/32 Hundung(C-II) Hungpung Kaziphung Govt. High School (S/W)
44/33 Awongtang Ukhrul Model High School (N/W)
44/34 Alungtang Ukhrul Model High School (E/W)
44/35 Ukhrul (B) Ukhrul Model High School (S/W)
44/36 Ukhrul (C-1) Ukhrul Higher Secondary School (N/W)
44/37 Ukhrul (C-2) Ukhrul Higher Secondary School (E/W)
44/38 Ukhrul (D-1) Greenland Primary School
44/39 Ukhrul (D-2) Khaiyi-Ashat S.V. School
44/40 Ukhrul (E-1) Community Hall Phungreitang East (North Wing)
44/41 Ukhrul (E-2) Community Hall Phungreitang East (South Wing)
44/42 Ukhrul (E-3) Community Hall Phungreitang West
44/43 Ukhrul E (Part-IV) V.P.H. Primary School(South Wing)
44/44 Ukhrul E (Part-V) V.P.H. Primary School(North Wing)
44/45 Ukhrul (F) K.K. Leishi Phanti Govt.Jr.H.School
44/46 Ukhrul (G) Ngachonmi Fund Primary School
44/47 Khangkhui Khullen Khangkhui Khullen Primary School
44/48 Khangkhui Khunou Khangkhui Khunou Primary School
44/49 Nungshong Khullen Nungshong Khullen Primary School
44/50 Mapum Mapum Govt.Jr.High School
44/51 Chingsui Chingsui Govt.Jr.High School
44/52 Ronshak Ronshak Primary School
44/53 Sahamphung Sahamphung Community Hall
44/54 Choithar Choithar Govt.Jr.High School
44/55 Pushing Pushing Govt. Jr. High School
44/56 Shiroi Shiroi Govt. Jr. High School
44/57 Langdang Langdang Primary School
44/58 Lunghar (A) Lunghar Primary School (N/W)
44/59 Lunghar (B) Lunghar Primary School (S/W)
44/60 Khamasom Khamasom Khullen Govt. High School
44/61 K. Wallely Khamasom Wallely Anganwadi Centre
44/62 Khamasom Phungthar Khamasom Phungthar Primary School
44/63 Sihai Khunou Sihai Khunou Primary School
44/64 Sihai Khullen Sihai Khullen Primary School
44/65 Khayang Khayang Primary School
Data Source: http://erms.man.nic.in/ListOfPollingStations.aspx