Punjab Exit Poll 2017

Punjab Assembly Election Exit Poll 2017

Assembly 20126846N/A3
ABP- CSDS2351412
CNN-News18 - Gramener753570

After the end of Polling in all 5 States, On 9th Mar 2017 Exit Poll has been declared by Major agencies for Punjab Assembly Elections. Due to presence of Triangular scenario in Punab, There is a tight fight between AAP and Congress. BJP & SAD Alliance is all way out as per exit polls.
According to Chankaya, Congress & AAP will both win 54 Assembly Seats and rest of seats will grabed by BJP & SAD Alliance. Whereas, Axis declared congress as a majority party with 65 Assembly Seats. In continuation, Aap will win 46 Assembly Seats. With this predicted output, its clear that BJP & SAD alliance would be on third spot in this fight. None of the Agency showed two digit figure as for SAD & BJP. This is the major reason, AAP or Congress are easily crossing the magic figure of 59 to get the majority.

Punjab Assembly Election 2012 Results

Punjab Election Exit Poll 2017 - Regions wise Seat Break-UP by C-Voter


With the breakup of Region wise Assembly seats in punjab, AAP here also getting the Big Majority and looking stablize to form the government. In Region Doab, Congress is getting majority with 19 Assembly seats and AAP is getting only 6 Assembly seats. Whereas, In Malwa and Manjha Region AAP is getting 42 and 15 Assembly Seats respectively. In this scenario, SAD-BJP Alliance is only getting 9 Assembly Seats.

Here is the Punjab Assembly election 2017 Opinion Poll by different polling firm.

Punjab Assembly Election Opinion Poll/Survey/ Prediction Results 2017

Polling firmMonthsSAD-BJPINCAAP
India Today-AxisJan-1711-1560-6541-44
India Today-AxisDec-1718-2256-6236-41
India Today-AxisOct-1617-2149-5542-46
VDP AssociatesOct-1661593
TV24 IndiaAug-1620-2527-3570-80
India Trending NowAug-169-1416-2085-89
HuffPost-C VoterMar-166-128-1494-100

Favourite CM Candidate names

Candidate for CM
Amarinder Singh32%
Bhagwant Mann25%
Prakash Singh Badal22%
Arvind Kejriwal11%
Sukhbir Singh Badal3%
Navjot singh Sindhu3%
H.S Phoolka2%

With the exit poll, Favourite CM Candidate name has been also surveyed. Amarinder singh is still the best option for CM Position. Whereas, Bhagmant Mann is following him. Amarinder Singh got 32% positve response whereas, Bhagwant Mann got 25% positive response by people for CM candidature.

Latest Punjab Election 2017 Opinion Poll by India Today-Axis

The latest opinion poll relased on 31st Jan by India Today-Axis, According to opinion poll Congress to be leading the pre-electoral race in Punjab. The poll predicts 60-65 seats with 37 percent votes in the house of 117. The survey gives second position to Arvind Kejriwal's AAP with 41-44 seats with 34 percent votes.

Time Duration of Survey: Jan 13 to 25th Jan 2017
No. of Constituencies Covered: 117; Sample Size: 6,847
Political PartySeatsVote Share %

Punjab Election 2017 Seat Share Forecast by VDPAssociates

Latest opinion poll released by VDPAssociates on 29th Jan 2017, According to Punjab Opinion Poll 2017 AAP choice of young voters in Punjab, projected to win 62 seats with 35% vote share.

Uttar Pradesh Opinion Poll Methodology :

Mode of Survey: Computer Assisted Personal Interview;
Total Districts Covered : 14; Time Duration of Survey: Jan 23 to 28th Jan 2017
No. of Constituencies Covered: 42; No. of Polling Booth Covered:167
PartySeat forcastVote Share

TV24 News Channel Opinion Poll on Punjab 2017

Date:15thJan 2017

The TV24 News Channel Opinion Poll on Punjab, it shows AAP to make stunning comeback, Congress second largest party. The opinion poll has given AAP 60-65 seats and congress gets 40-50 seats and SAD 5-15 seats only out of 117-seat Assembly. TV24 News conducted a survey among 75280 respondents to get an estimate of the voters' mood.

PartySeats Projection

India Today-Axis Opinion Poll on Punjab

Date:05thJan 2017

The India Today-Axis relased Opinion Poll on Punjab, it shows Congress to make stunning comeback, AAP second largest party. The opinion poll has given AAP 36-41 seats and congress gets 56-62 seats and SAD-BJP 18-22 only out of 117-seat Assembly.

PartySeat Share

Lokniti-ABP News Opinion Poll Punjab

Dated - 04th Jan 2017

In the latest survey conducted by ABP News, Lokniti & CSDS on punjab upcoming assembly elections, the alliance of Akali-BJP is emerging and getting the majority with 50-58 seats inclusion of 34% vote shares. The runner up is INC which are getting 41-49 assembly seats with 31% votes. Debut Party AAP is only getting 12-18 seats with 21% vote shares.

The Survey is done with the indication of preference when elections will be held on the next day, majority of voters selected Akali-BJP as their preference. Rest of 14% vote share is distributed in smaller parties.

PartySeatsVotes Sharing
Akali - BJP50-5834%

Also, the survey found the most likely Candidate for CM position from all major parties. On response of best likely Chief Minister, 29% Voters choosed Congress's Amrinder Singh as their preference. The current CM Prakash Singh Badal is the second choice for voters and AAP's Bhagwant mann is on 3rd Position. Arvind Kejriwal was also in the race of the Likely CM and only 4% voters choosed him as CM.

Candidate NamePreference
Amrinder Singh29%
Prakash Singh Badal20%
Bhagwant Mann8%

India Today-Axis Opinion Poll Punjab

Dated - 13th Oct 2016
As per latest opinion poll conducted by India Today-Axis, Congress Party is emerging with the stunning figure of 49-55 winning seats. AAP is a runner party with 42-46 seats as 30% Voting shares. Alliance of BJP and SAD is getting only 17-21 Seats.
In the survey conducted by India Today at 13th Oct, There were no declaration of Sample Size. But, some of the informative association is mentioning about the sample size i.e. 6552. The Past declaration of Opinion polls by India Today is somewhere wrong when compared with output or results of elections. AAP head Arvind Kejriwal already denied this Opinion poll output.
Party NameSeatsVote Sharing

Punjab Election Opinion Poll 2017 by VDPAssociates

Dated - 1st Oct 2016

In the recent Survey done by VDPAssociates on 1st Oct to judge the momentum of votes for upcoming Punjab Elections. As per the survey, AAP is maintaining their previous Opinion Polls output and moving to win 93 seats out of 117. This is clear that AAP on top in survey list with marking 43% of Seats Sharing. Runner Party is Congress which is getting 15 Seats with 29% shares votes. BJP Alliance NDA is only getting 21% shares votes with win on 6 Seats.

Party NameNo. of Seats% Sharing

Punjab Election Survey 2017 by ITN

Snap Poll Period - 5 Sep to 6 Sep 2016
Sample Size - 1028
Can't Say9%

Punjab Poll Survey by India TV-C Voter

Party / Alliance Seat
forecast (2015)
forecast (March 2016)
AAP 83-89 94-100
INC (12-18) (8-14)
SAD+BJP (13-19) (6-12)
Others 0-3 0-3
Total 117 117
As per HuffPost-C Voter, if today elections happen then Aam aadmi party will get around 94-100 seats out of 117. That means, AAP will get full majority and will create government. Alliance of SAD & BJP will only get 6-12 seats and INC will get 8-14 seats. This Trend is exactly the same that has been promised by AAP Leader & Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. This forecast of seats is better than previous forecast that conducted by HaffPost-C in Last year 2015.

Punjab opinion poll 2017 by India Trending Now

Survey Month: March 2016 Polling Agency: Poll conducted by a portal called ‘India Trending Now’. Arvind Kejriwal rated most favourite for CM post according to opinion poll.
Party Seat Projection for 2017 Vote %
SAD-BJP 9-13 21-25
AAP 85-89 39-43
Congress 16-20 29-33
Others 0-2
Total 117
As per their forecasting, Aam Aadmi Party is the same party who are getting majority with 85-89 seats. INC will be getting 16-20 seats and alliance of SAD-BJP will get 9-13 only.

One more Opinion Poll agency CVoter has done their analysis and stated with some facts.

Punjab Opinion Poll for 2017 Vidhan Sabha election - by CVoter

Sample Size: 1047 Survey Date: Feb 3rd week 2015

In Last 20 years, Who has been the best CM of Punjab?
Don't Know/ Can't Say 17%
Amrinder Singh 41%
Beant Singh 20%
Prakash Singh Badal 19%
Harcharan Singh Barar 2%
who is the best candidate for the CM post of Punjab?
Capt. Amrinder Singh(INC) 27%
Bhagwant Mann(AAP) 26%
Prakash Singh Badal(SAD) 18%
Navjot Singh Siddhu(BJP) 14%
Sukhbir Singh Badal(SAD) 8%
Manpreet Singh Badal (People's Party of Punjab) 1%
Sukhbir Singh Badal (SAD) 2%
Dr. Dharam Veer Gandhi (AAP) 2%
Which party do you Think will win in Punjab in the 2017 Assembly Election?
Party Vote %
AAP 56
DK/CS 22
People of Punjab admit that in last 20 years, the best CM is Mr. Amrinder Singh. Even, they still consider Mr. Amrinder singh as a best CM in the upcoming Punjab election 2017. 27% of people have selected Mr. Amrinder Singh as best CM for upcoming election. But, which party will get majority in upcoming elections? On response of the questions, 56%People have selected the Aam Aadmi Party. So, this is a clear significance that Punjab is looking for something new.

Punjab Election 2017 forecast By VDPAssociates

[Date: 3 July 2016]
Seat forecast in 2016Seat in 2012
Party NameSeatsVote%SeatsVote%

According to Different media Sources Punjab opinion poll survey are as follows.
  • SAD, AAP have no chance of winning 2017 Punjab polls: Amarinder (by hindustantimes - Dec 26, 2015)
  • In 2017 polls It will be Congress verses AAP in Punjab: Amarinder Singh (by dnaindia - Aug 21 2015)
  • New Poll Predicts AAP to Sweep 2017 Punjab Elections if Held Today (by dailysikhupdates - Dec 7, 2015)

Here are some opinion Poll by (dailysikhupdates.com)

Most popular leader in Punjab
  • Arvind Kejriwal-41%
  • Amarinder Singh-19%
  • Prakash Singh Badal-17%
  • Narendra Modi-15%
Choice for post of Chief Minister
  • Anyone appointed by Kejriwal-23%
  • Amarinder Singh-21%
  • Prakash Singh Badal-18%
  • Bhagwant Mann-16%

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